Frederator's "Tooned Up!"

"Tooned Up" is an online series of videos created by Frederator Studios on the Channel Frederator YouTube Channel. 

The series generally discusses fun facts about various cartoons and media.  Adam has done voiceover work for and has hosted multiple videos in this series.

Inanimate Insanity

Inanimate Insanity is an animated web-series created and directed by Adam Katz.


Adam has done many voices for the series, but is most commonly known for the voices of Nickel, Baseball, Test Tube and Apple.

Chrysalis - A VR Adventure Game

"Chrysalis" is a VR adventure/exploration game created for the Oculus rift, and is currently a work in progress. A demo of the game was created as part of the Oculus Launchpad Program, where it was chosen as one of 14 to be awarded a grant to complete the project.  

Adam is the voice actor for "Adam," a talking fish that desperately needs your help!

Battle for Dream Island [BFDI]

BFDI is an animated web-series created by Michael and Cary Huang.  Adam has been working for the series since S1, E17, for nearly 6 years.


Adam is the voice actor for Nickel, who is also a character in Inanimate Insanity.  

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